Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stella's Apple Crumble

OK, this is one of the reasons I'm fat.  My mother, Stella, used to make these pretty glorious apple crumbles almost every week.  What, I ask you, with tears in my baby blue eyes, is a growing boy supposed to do? The pastry is extraordinarily good.  Neither too sweet, nor too bland and it keeps its texture well for warming later.

What you need:

230g Flour
25g Cornflour
10ml Baking powder
pinch of salt
25g Caster sugar
130g Butter
1 Egg (beaten)
25ml Sunflower oil (or similar, but not olive!)
1/2 t Vanilla essence
1 x 385 ml tin of apples (about 10 apples cored, skinned and sliced)
1/2 t Cinnamon
25 ml Currants
25 ml Brown sugar

What you do:

Sift flour, cornflour, salt, baking powder and caster sugar.
Rub in butter.
Combine egg, oil, vanilla essence and add to the flour mixture.
Form into a dough with your hands and do not over-knead.
Roll out half the dough and press into a pie dish.
Cover with apple.
Sprinkle with cinnamon, currants and brown sugar
Grate remaining dough over the apple
Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees C

Serve hot with Vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream or custard.

Tip: if you like a mushier apple mix, then before placing them on the pie bottom, cook them and the currants sugar and cinnamon for a while on the stove top, with the sugar and a little water - until you get the desired texture.

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