Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poor, set-upon white boy gets asylum in Canada

At the same time that the End Conscription Campaign is celebrating its 25th anniversary, a South African man has been granted refugee status by Canada's immigration and refugee board, which apparently found "clear and convincing proof" he was persecuted for being white.

The Board’s panel chair, William Davis said in the decision that Brandon Huntley (31), "would stand out like a 'sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country". Davis found Huntley "was a victim because of his race rather than a victim of criminality". Davis said he found Huntley a credible witness as his story was consistent and "plausible". Lara Kaplan – another White South African (and the sister of his lawyer) whom he used as a witness, apparently enhanced and supported his claims that "persecution of white South Africans by African South Africans (is) a common event today in South Africa". Apparently Huntley also said he had been able to find employment only because of family connections. He was otherwise prohibited from finding work by the country's affirmative action policies.

Huntley, who grew up in Mowbray, said he had been attacked seven times and stabbed four times "by African South Africans" between 1991 and 2003. Huntley told the tribunal he had been called "a white dog" and "a settler" when attacked. He had not bothered to report any of the attacks to the police because "the majority of them are South Africans and he did not trust them".

I have to tell you, I find this exceedingly difficult to believe. Mowbray is hardly the Wild West. Mowbray is a fairly sedate, fairly quiet little middle class suburb, not 10 minutes from where I live. To get himself attacked by “African South Africans” seven times and stabbed 4 times, he must either have been utterly provocative, extraordinarily stupid, or he dealt in drugs. There can be no other explanation for it. Because I have lived 52 years in this country and never – not once – have I ever been attacked, assaulted, or called racist terms by any “African South African” – aka black. Furthermore, I have been working in a GOVERNMENT job, as a white South African, for the past 11 years. And in my present job, I am surrounded by white South Africans - far too many of them proportionately - who are also working in a government job.

Oh, there could be another possibility, of course. Brandon Huntley, (31) formerly of Mowbray, could also be a disgusting, self-serving liar. That is also a possibility. And, I want to say, a much stronger possibility than his being a poor little set-upon white boy, whom horrible racist blacks want to tear limb from limb and persecute.

I do sincerely hope that this opens the gates for other “non African, South Africans” (is that what they are calling themselves?) - aka white people, like Huntley to pack their bags and leave. Personally, I am deeply ashamed to be even vaguely racially associated with his ilk. He certainly does not speak for me. It’s just a crying pity that he speaks for so many other deluded, ungrateful, revolting leeches like himself. Canada is very welcome to have him. I hope he never returns here, for any reason. I hope he is never allowed to – but I know that won’t happen.

But the really disturbing thing about the whole matter is not that we have racist whites in South Africa - because that is the basis for all of this. What is really disturbing is the Canadians! What the hell are they thinking? And who are the idiots who sit on this board? And what does the Canadian government have to say about this complete and utter nonsense?

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