Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caster Semenya and Eudy Simelane

It is a strange thing - and I have just heard - that Eudy Simelane murdered and raped Banyana Banyana i.e national South African Women's soccer team) captain was probably intersex as well.

Now, the issue is this. By what curious logic is Caster Semenya lauded by the politicians? By what logic is she recognised and rightly sought to be protected against the bungling of the IAAF and other bodies which have so thoroughly trodden on her rights as a human being - but on the Eudy Simelane issue - on the same issue - there is a virtual, if not absolute silence?

Because there are rights here also. It is just that the one's rights were so thoroughly unprotected, that she is dead.

Pic: Eudy Simelane, Times online

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