Sunday, July 5, 2009

Would someone please explain this joke to me? Please!

This joke has now been sent to me twice.

As I understand it - A dead Michael Jackson is asking the Grim Reaper why he took his life. (This, it seems to me, is an odd question - because that is the Grim Reaper's job. And I wouldn't have thought it standard practice for the Grim Reaper to need to account for his actions.) Then the Grim Reaper answers, saying he is embarrassed (I am paraphrasing - or adding to the intent here) - because he didn't recognise the person he killed. He is presumably referring to the intended victim being the person whose picture he is holding - a young Michael Jackson. Now, seeing that the person who is talking to him is ALSO Michael Jackson - albeit in unrecognisable form - why is he embarrassed? After all, Michael Jackson, recognisable or unrecognisable, is DEAD!

I don't get it!


  1. Perhaps, (and I am just going out on a limb here) the picture was given to Grim for the explicit purpose of: it was on his "Don't Kill" list. Maybe he liked young Jack-O. Maybe God told him not to do it. There are a hundred reasons why Grim would be holding a picture of young Mikey, and realizing his mistake. But all of that absurdity begs the fact that you are focusing on the wrong part of the joke.

    Do you really need me to explain to you that the joke is that Death didn't recognize him because he spent too much money on radical plastic surgery? Are you intentionally focusing on the wrong part of the joke to try and gain a self-satisfaction of thinking yourself "smarter" than the creator of the comic by pointing out the "flaw" in his art? Or do you really not get much humor ever, and are legitamately asking why this would be funny becuase you truly don't understand the humor in the wit?

  2. Gosh - sorry if I caused you any anxiety. I wasn't "intentionally" focussing anywhere - I just didn't get the joke. My request was just what it was. I didn't think I had no sense of humour - but possibly you are right, and probably,I don't! Because, obviously, you got the joke right off. And clearly, you have a sense of humour!