Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A few days ago, a cool friend of mine was talking about a friend of a friend of hers. She was describing him in very cool terms. She said, "Oh, he sails around the world in a yacht. He chooses where he is going to go next by throwing a dice. And he has his own blog".

Now that is when I started to think.

I thought "That's what it takes to be cool! You have to have your own blog!" So, having just had substantial pieces of my big toenails removed - for comfort rather than cosmetic reasons, you understand - I am starting my very own blog. I am hoping that somewhere, somehow, I will get to be cool through doing it. We will see!

What I am going to do, sporadically, but regularly, is put up bits and pieces I have been thinking and writing and day-to-day things that I come across, which may be of interest to others. I have no idea how to get anyone else to read this, so I have decided I am not going to try. Lets see what happens.

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