Saturday, December 5, 2015

Remembering Nelson

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the death of Nelson Mandela - a man who is justly called one of the fathers of our nation.  There are many of us who might have problems with some of the positions he took and some of the compromises he made.  But no-one can doubt his greatness or his significance. Or his remarkable ability to bring together opposing opposites.

A poem I wrote  at the time:

(Remembering Nelson)

When all is said and done
And the sound of the earth falling on
The box that holds
Your body
Is muffled
And the bugle
And the poet
Rasping "Aah Dalibhunga"
Is dim

Then, in that moment,
Let me look upwards
And see the broad sky.

When all is said and done
And the flags are folded
The chairs stacked
The tents stowed
For another show
On another day

Then, in that quiet moment,
Let me look outwards
And see the far horizon.

When all is said and done
And the social medias
Have found another saint
Or another sinner
To hail
Or to hang
To praise
Or to pillory

Then, let me think
Of this shining day
Of this bright
African son

When all is said and done.

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